Meet our Tenants

The Fitness Lab improvement project, completed during Covid lockdown, expanded the gym into an additional 1,700 sq. ft. garage space adjacent to the building, where they now hold their popular personal training sessions. The two-floor existing space was refurbished, with the gym moving upstairs and the main floor now featuring a smoothie bar and lounge area for members to socialize and relax.

The Fitness Lab also acquired new machines, and the entire gym was refreshed with new paint. Adam says the improvements have allowed him to not only expand the personal training offered to accommodate up to 12 members at a time working with his team of 20 personal trainers, but also double group fitness classes to 54 (reduced currently due to Covid restrictions) and expand its popular circuit training.

A lifelong fitness enthusiast and Lululemon Ambassador
This 31-year-old entrepreneur and founder of The Fitness Lab is a former junior athlete who began working in gyms as a teenager at another gym franchise. At age 26 he decided to apply everything he knew to creating a better athletic facility by forming his own gym, and now has three successful locations in the Ottawa area.

Adam speaks passionately about listening to his members, staying on top of current fitness trends, and continually striving with his team to offer the best experience to his members. In 2020, The Fitness Lab expanded their live online fitness classes in response to Covid lockdown and these have been extremely popular.

His talent and passion caught the eye of powerhouse brand Lululemon, who asked Adam to be a Lululemon Ambassador. The brand’s ambassadors — from top athletes to yoga teachers, creatives and entrepreneurs — are chosen for being leaders who inspire others and elevate their communities through the power of sweat.

Adam believes strongly in giving back, and for the past two years has worked with a local charity to offer special-needs individuals the chance to get active, via custom fitness classes at the gym or events like attending hockey games. 

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